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Payment Options

We try to keep it simple: We accept Cashier's checks from a local bank, or cash.  Sorry, no personal checks, no financing.  Payment must be received in full at the time of sale.   All vehicles are sold "as is", with no warranty.

Typical costs related to a sale:

  • Sale price for the vehicle.                                                                  

  • Documentation fee- $100.00                                                             

  • Title transfer fee- $15.00                                                                    

  • Transfer an existing plate- $15.00, or...

  • New plate- $75.00 to $150.00 (approximately)

  • Sales tax- 6% of Sale Price and Doc fee                                                                                           

Calvin's Car Lot will process all the paperwork on car and truck sales with the Secretary of State office.  The new Title, Registration and license plate (if needed) will be mailed within 15 days.

Please note:

A vehicles is considered "sold" when a cash deposit has been made.  Unless there are other specific arrangements, if a cash deposit has not been made on a vehicle, that vehicle will be available for sale to anyone else.

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